Project AllSens

UX/UI, Webdesign, Logo creation, Corporate Identity, Visual Identity
Year: 2016

Jungheinrich Jungheinrich


ALLSENS, dutch comapany which play with your emotion. How so? Not letter by letter, but is truth. Scietists proved that aromas can affect your buying decision or can affect your emotion.

So aroma marketing is the best if you have a shop and if you wanto to support sell or if you can make atmosphere in your office or build your own “brand aroma”.

So this is what they are exactly doing. Logo was created as a combination of letter “A” and DROP of fragrance. We are really happy that we can be part of this awesome project.

Sprink Sprink Sprink


Visuality is really playfull. We suggested using colours and drawn elements to support diversity in fragrances.

Sprink Sprink
Sprink Sprink